An emotional moment on the greyhound

Of late of hit a bit of a stonewall with emotions, I still feel them of course but with a few things going on recently I’ve felt like I had to put my own emotions on the back burner.

My Auntie past away In January a week or so after Christmas. A 7 year battle with various different Cancers. She fought so hard and for so long. Her strength, will and determination to fight her illness surpass anyone I’ve ever known whose dealt with that cruel disease. She was a warrior.

Her name was Joanne but to me always Auntie Jo. She was (is) an amazing woman. She was beautiful, intelligent, fun and lived life to the fullest. Her profession was as a Nurse but not only did she care for people, she created incredible Art as well.

My fondus for my Auntie stems from all the amazing exhibitions her and her partner used to host in swanky boho joints scattered across the local city. It always brought the family together and I loved that feeling of having one to look forward to.

I’m in America at the moment traveling on the greyhound down the east coast. Her funeral was a few days before I landed and it’s only started to settle in. The reality of what happened. She’s gone…


Only in a physical sense. I will elaborate on this more in the near future, the fact that no one really ever dies.

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