A Strange dream

I’ve been dreaming a lot lately, which isn’t unusual for me and I’m always fascinated by the context of dreams. I feel they are a doorway into our subconscious minds but more importantly our souls.

My aunt passed away recently from a long-term battle with cancer and it’s been an emotional time for the whole family. When people die you really see the destruction it can have, but on a more positive note you also see the strength it creates between people, strangely it brings us together.

The short of it she keeps appearing in my dreams and I’m never too quick to write posts about the subject matter but this one I can’t shake as I sip my morning coffee.

The Dream


I’m walking through a familiar location where I spent a lot of my childhood. A beautiful place with rapeseed fields that stretch on for hundreds of miles, trees and nature a truly beautiful place. My uncle (my aunties partner) Is there and we are walking and talking together.

He’s holding photos of my Aunt as we go along a long path and it starts to snow heavily. It’s quite stunning to see how the snow is so soft and covers the fields. My Uncle starts crying as he talks and this brings me to tears also. I look to the sky to try and stop myself but it doesn’t work.

All of a sudden we’re transported to this virtual reality world and there is my aunt. She’s smiling and talking with us, it feels so real. She looks as radiant as she did before the cancer took over. All I see is her face, she’s smiling.

That’s all I remember but it was so vivid. If anyone can give me any information, please leave a comment below.

Peace and Love


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