Photography: Star Wars Nostalgia

As well as doing some personal writing one of my other creative passions is photography. I’ve been a professional photographer now for roughly 5 years and whenever I get a new client or job I jump at the chance to put my brain into gear!

As I currently don’t have a job or any clients I’m a bit stuck when it comes to creative engagement. Whilst cleaning my room for the 700th time today I found an old toy from my youth. Boba Fett’s ship from Star Wars the empire strikes back.

I’m a massive Star Wars fan like most of the world apparently, My fandom only really stretches as far to childhood nostalgia, all though I enjoy the new films it will never be the same as seeing those original 3, it’s too saturated now and has lost its innocence in my eye.

So with the release of the New Han Solo movie I thought it was only fitting to do a photo-shoot of my old toy, if not only to be creative but to relive some of my childhood.

Starting point. 

I’m fortunate enough to have an old green screen backdrop and photography lighting so I set them up in the standard fashion and places a table in front of the screen, lining up the prop (with an e-cig of all things) ready for its shoot.

I wasn’t too concerned with lighting and shadows because I’d be removing the background later in post-production.

Once it’s all set up I get the right settings to ensure maximum quality for edit purposes and shoot away! I rushed the photos a little bit because I actually enjoy the editing process a bit more. So you may notice some the parts of the ship are slightly out of focus, this is due to the depth of field of the lens, but let’s not get to bogged down in it.


The editing process.

It’s fairly simple really. I took the original images into Photoshop and meticulously select the elements I want to keep, I round off the edges with the refine tool, drop the ship onto a new background the rub out any bit of green screen left on the image.

Once that’s done I took the images into Lightroom and start enhancing features like shadows, exposure, clarity and sharpness. I bring out some of the more dominant colours in the ship to make the pop a little more!

Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 20.05.50

The Finished Artefact!

There you have it! I only spent an hour on this project as I didn’t want to get too weighed down in editing, sometimes you can spend hours trying to make something look perfect only to realise you’ve made it look worse. They’re not perfect images and some flaws are more apparent on closer inspection. However, I got an hour to be creative and nostalgic…in a galaxy far far away… That’s all that really matters.

bobo 2_1



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