Today I sat with nature.

Funny thing isn’t it, do you ever just sit back and observe nature? Don’t worry I’m not talking about ripping your clothes off and humping the nearest tree (the thought did pass my mind) I’m talking about just being present with your surroundings if not for just a moment.

Today had the chance to be stressful. A million things rushing through my mind, most notably my car going in for an MOT, and me knowing it was going to fail. I wasn’t predicting the future, I knew that was going to happen because of the circumstances surrounding it and the fact it didn’t have any tires haha. As I took a walk home I entered a park that I haven’t spent much time in for many years, one I had a misspent youth in.

I entered the park with my shoulders pinned back and my chin held high. The sun was shining and a cool breeze carried each footstep on the warm pathway ahead. I noticed a few war monuments scattered through out the park and took a moment to acknowledge the fallen soldiers from wars past. Bowing my head, I spared a thought for those men who fought fights I’d probably wouldn’t have had the power to fight. I looked up and uttered the words “Rest in peace fellas.” As I walked away from a somber moment. I walked through a dark tunnel that was decorated with graffiti which added to its rustic charm and I saw a bench that had my name written all over it (In a metaphorical sense, no graffiti).

I take a deep breath and I close my eyes and exhale slowly and I open my eyes. There it is…Nature. The sky is so blue with the smallest whispers of clouds, a tree stands tall in front of me branches reaching up high, the green leaves of a nearby bush are vibrant and have no other purpose than to just…be. I look at the grass and it’s dancing with the wind, literally dancing with the wind and the birds in the sky just sing. A smile starts to appear on my face and I’m fixated on the grass and the movement. People look at me oddly as they walk on by but I’m okay with it because I’m pretty odd. I realize that the one thing nature has over anything is its ability to just be, it just has a constant presence and this gives me some solace that I can be too. I’m fully in this moment seeing everything going on around me, every detail has my acknowledgment and I can’t stop watching. It’s really beautiful and I never want to leave this place. This perfect place. A moment in time where nothing else matters.

I had to leave the bench eventually because the cool air took a turn for the worse and other matters needed attending to, but even as I write this story I’m smiling, because that moment will always stay with me, that moment where nothing else mattered.

Side note: Sometimes it’s hard to actually see the reality around us. We are so wrapped up in our problems and own heads we forget that there is actually beauty in the world. That beauty is in nature. If your feeling down and out just sit with nature for a moment and observe, watch it like your favorite TV show and enjoy it for what it is! Find something beautiful in something that is constantly present. Look at it with an open mind, you’d be surprised what you might see.

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