Letting go of your past with words.

I’ve always found writing a cathartic exercise. An exercise I don’t practise enough really. I remember being a young child hiding under my cabin bed and writing nonsensical stories for hours, letting the writing come to life in my imagination and dance behind my closed eyelids. They may not have made much grammatical sense back … Continue reading Letting go of your past with words.

Video: The Unemployed Cooking Show

I haven't written for a few weeks now. Not because it hasn't been on my mind, far from it in fact. I've been working on some creative projects to try and get the juices flowing again. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dv9PBsAgLy4&t=42s At this point in time, I'm currently unemployed and searching for work. Rather than sit around and do … Continue reading Video: The Unemployed Cooking Show